death camp

Retreat for men

May 2. – 5. 2024


Are you afraid for your life? Are you scared by what is happening in the world? Are you ready to die? Would you like to live without fear? The fear of death is our greatest motivator to do the things we are asked to do. It is a strong means of influence thanks to which a person is ready to give up his freedom and benefits.

By getting rid of the fear of death, you get rid of the oppressive stress and anxiety that prevents you from living a full life and makes you worry too much. Instead, you can boldly make plans and fulfill your life dreams despite the dangers lurking around you.

For this I have created a death camp where every man can meet his death, can prepare for death, let go of all debts and forgive your enemies.

In this camp, you can see what is important in your life and what you no longer need. After this experience, you can start a new life with a clean slate without fear. This is your second chance to do everything right and live an honest and fulfilling life.

During the camp, we release old debts and sins, summarize the life we have lived, prepare a will and a farewell letter, and end relationships that no longer serve us.

The pristine nature of the island helps us get in touch with our power, the sea water washes away the dirt stuck to our souls so that we can remember who we really are and what we came here for. I will share with you the wisdom of Russian Old Believers and Tibetans about death and life after life, so that you can get an idea of the infinite eternal nature of our soul.


In addition, you will find the necessary knowledge and skills about burying the dead, so that you can be a confident host in supporting the relatives and sending those who have past away. Come with me to the death camp and free yourself from the endless burden of fear.

This camp includes a variety of practices and theory to help men become friends with death rather than fearing it. In these four days, we take men out of their comfort zones so much to bring out the masculine authenticity and get in touch with our deepest fears. We give men the opportunity to open up and confess their concerns. I teach men various death rituals from both the Tibetan and the old Russian Book of the Dead. We do a fire dance, a conversation circle, a burial ceremony. Physical work and a healthy vegetarian diet is a good restart for every man.




What happens when you get over it?

In this camp, together we step out of the fear of death to start living life to the fullest. I invite you to the death camp, where you can face your greatest fear. During the camp, we go through several stages of dying in order to experience death as realistically as possible and to learn the art of dying.

I have researched about dying from both Tibetan and Russian Old Believer books of death, and I share the most important teachings from them with you. In addition, I myself have repeatedly gone through a death ritual, an out-of-body experience, and a rebirth. This experience has become my new birthday, the beginning of my fear-free and life-affirming life.

Death has been a natural part of life for our ancestors. Dying was learned throughout life. Today, even talking about death has become taboo. This is why the common man knows so little about death. Ignorance further breeds fear and uncertainty about death. However, none of us is safe from death. Sooner or later each of us must pass through the gates of death. Do you choose to walk through them with a straight back and knowingly, or do you want to go blinded by fear and confusion?

This camp will give you the most important knowledge and self-confidence in life, which will help you live fearlessly and confidently and support your other loved ones and ancestors. You can be a support when your grandparents pass away, you no longer feel the pain of grief, and you can make choices in life that support both your earthly life and your soul’s journey after death.

My name is Igor Earthchild and I have been organizing men’s online courses, journeys, workshops, festivals and camps for years. I want to give men the strength and confidence to connect with their roots and be able to face life’s challenges and thus be attractive to women.

OSHO used to say that those who are afraid of death, don't dare to live. Thus living in fear is no life at all.

The camp takes place in wild nature, in Saaremaa. In a place where there is no electricity or entertainment. Food is cooked over live fire, water comes from a well, the air is clean and you can wash in lake or sea water. Among the junipers … A good place to die.

The camp takes place in Koovi village, Saaremaa.

Come to death camp to experience your new life.

The camp will be in two languages – english and estonian.

I’m looking forward to meet you there.

Igor Earthchild.