We are offering lifestyle and relationships coaching online using Messenger, Whatsapp or Telegram.


We have learned through our own experience and seen a lot of couples, who have consciously chosen to work on their relationship. This has led them to overcome thy crisis to achieve deeper connection and intimacy.

If you feel like you are in the spot where you need some support from outside to overcome the relationship challenges, we are here to help. 

Online counselling for couples : 85€ per hour.


We are offering our support to find and awaken your full potential and find the uniqueness of your path. We all are carrying a unique power. By acknowledging it we are opening the door to genuine living and joyful life. 

Online coaching : 55€ per hour.


Kui teil on soov tulla vastuvõtule, siis kirjutage meile oma soovist ja me leiame sobiva aja ja koha kohtumiseks. Meie vastuvõtud toimuvad Helsingis, Turus, Tallinnas ja Tartus.

Pakume erinevaid kehatöö teraapiaid: leebe bioenergeetika, klassikaline massaaž, body dearmoring, Chi Nei Tsang, vaagna avamine ja vabastamine, seksuaalse trauma vabastamine, tantra massaaž.


If you wish to come for a session, then please write to us about your wish and we will find the time suitable for both of us. We are receiving clients in Helsinki, Turu, Tallinn & Tartu. 

We are offering different bodywork therapies, like: Gentle Bio-energy, classical massage, body de-armoring, Chi Nei Tsang, pelvic expansion, sexual trauma release, tantra massage. 


In our day to day work with clients we are using different bodywork practices to meet the requirements from our client.