We are sharing our best practices of bodywork that has helped us to maintain and grow our loving relationship.

Gift for couples

In this package you will find three useful exercises that you can practice with your partner. We give them away to you for free.
6 days online challenge for couples


You will be receiving daily new massage practices and tasks to improve closeness with your partner and learn new ways to interact. This online retreat will include 7 different practices and 7 exercises, plus there will be a lecture on topic about tantra, live webinar and lots of extra bonuses.


Abundant training program

In this package you will find all of our training videos. You will be able to download and use them with your partner for as much as you want.


AUGUST 19.-22.

We invite you to our community to give you the best experiences and cherish your gifts to this world. It is drug- and alcohol-free festival, where we learn to enjoy life without these substances in natural state of being. Together we will learn new bodywork techniques, take part in tantric rituals, go to sauna, dance and much more. Join this festival to experience the joy of life in a loving community of likeminded people.

SEPTEMBER 17.-19.2021

We invite you to Saaremaa island, where we can take the next step towards closeness. We will enjoy the local nature, learn the touch and massage, practicing yoga and perform interesting tantric rituals. Our bodies will be caressed by tasty and healthy vegan food and local spring water.


APRIL 24. MAY 29. JUNE 19.

This is an opportunity to learn the secrets of your body and open up for pleasure. We will reveal secrets of anatomy and orgasms so that you can explore your inner world from completely new perspective.

All our videos