Igor and Bella are trained therapists who are giving workshops and seminars around the world. 

Igor Earthchild

Igor Earthchild teaches tantra and relationships in Estonia, Russia, USA, and Thailand. His main topics are awareness, the magic of touch, healthy relationships, love lounge,  playfulness, connecting with the inner child, and releasing emotions. Igor is a professional tantra massage therapist and sex coach, teaching and practicing massage in different countries around the world. His biggest passion is to open up women’s hearts and reach their full potential in life. He helps women to overcome their fears and blockages that are holding them back from living fully and happily. Tantra has been the best source of information for his clients to reach their full capacity and success. 

Igor has been studying mainly in Thailand, Russia, and Estonia. He has had over ten different tantra teachers across the globe. But the main tantra and love teachings have come to him through meditations and practices with partners. Igor is also a writer and filmmaker, who made a movie about tantra in 2017 called “The Secret of Tantra“. He has written two books: “Mantra” in 2016 & “Time to wake up” (in Estonian) 2014 


Bella Skalkina

Bella is a professional massage therapist with years of experience in Ayurveda and homeopathy. She is dedicated to working with people who need to pay attention to their health and well-being in general. Bella has raised three kids which has given her the confidence and willpower to cope with stress and challenges in any sort of situation. She is giving massage sessions in Helsinki and together with Igor, she is organizing festivals, seminars for couples, and massage retreats in Europe and Asia. Bella has been studying homeopathy and Ayurveda, she is a licensed massage therapist. 


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