Your unforgettable experience in Paradise



This is the next level of intimacy and pleasure. We want to give you an unforgettable experience. A journey full of magic, intimate touch, juicy fruits, sweet taste, fun nights, and deep realizations, surrounded by warm nature on a magical Bali island. 

That’s why we chose Bali again as our destination. We will have a six-day retreat in the jungle of Bali island. These 6 days will be filled with daily tantra massage practices, morning yoga, tantra lessons, 3 vegan meals a day, ecstatic dance, and evening rituals. Every participant will get a collection of video materials along with the teaching to continue these practices at home. 

It may seem too much for 6 days but trust me, in just 6 days you can experience completely new sensations of being you thanks to well-chosen bodywork and extra powerful rituals.  We will reach new heights in self-realization and self-love. 

This retreat will accelerate your growth in tantra and energy work. You will learn new techniques on how to satisfy your partner and how to tap into your own pleasure. In just six days you will forget all the worries and get in touch with the deep happiness that will stay with you for months to come.

After the retreat, you can continue discovering this island on your own or in the company of friends from our retreat. This is a good way to prolong your blissful state and extend your vacation in pure presence. You can also join us for the next retreat for advanced students that will begin a week later. Please find out more about it HERE.

Join our Bali retreat and dive into the pool of joy.

The retreat is structured so that you can go on an inner journey, meet your authentic self, bring light to your dark places through awareness and loving presence. We do tantric practices and one daily massage in order to come through the body to a greater physical well-being and to come to the knowledge through bodily experience that the body is our sacred temple. The program is structured in such a way that there is enough free time in the days to integrate the experiences, just be, rest and enjoy the wonderful nature of Bali. It is a small and intimate retreat suitable for both singles and couples. The retreat is suitable for everyone and previous experience is not essential. We will send the exact location and program after registration. Come to our Bali retreat and immerse yourself in the ocean of pleasures and flavors! The retreat is led by Bella Skalkina and Igor Eartchild. Find out more about the teachers HERE.

You can reserve your booking by paying deposit of 250€
Choose the most comfortable way to pay for retreat here.


The number of places is limited. In order for you to experience an enchanting retreat, please confirm your participation with an advance payment.

Please see the payment options HERE . You can pay for the retreat in several parts so that the amount is not too large to pay at once. If you have any questions about payment or would like a special payment schedule, feel free to write to

The cost of the retreat is calculated from the date of the first payment. Please pay the last part of the amount in cash on the spot. Wanting to participate in both Bali retreats:

1. retreat 06.-11. February and

2. retreat on February 20.-25th a discount of -20% of the total amount is valid until February. If possible, we recommend staying longer in Bali to enjoy the nature and culture of the island. Specially before the retreat – it’s good to have your yet lag and first sun tan before we begin. If necessary, we will share information about traveling in Bali. We can also offer transfer to our venue. 



You will learn some of the best tantra massage techniques with us. This skill will be the game changer in your relationships. 


Learn some new ways to interact with partners in a more playful way. Open your body for an innocent play with your boundaries to discover your true desires. 


Keep up the energy and flexibility with these morning practices, that will help you to digest everything that you learn on the retreat. 


If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please contact us at;


This year we have two retreats in Bali in February. Once you are there, you can enjoy even deeper journey within yourself. All you have to do is stay there for two more weeks and give you a second retreat for -500€ cheaper price. Check out the video below and make your plans to get the full experience of this journey.