NOVEMBER 16.-20.2022



Are you ready for a luxury treatment of your body and soul? Would you like to experience an unforgettable week under the African sun?

We invite you to Morocco to spend a relaxing retreat. 5 days full of intimate massage, energizing yoga, chi gong, tea ceremonies, magical rituals, and healthy food. Everything to make your life sweet and juicy. Come and taste the flavors of the middle east blended with secretive teachings from ancient Asia.

Give yourself permission to step out of your daily duties and routines. Find a moment for yourself. Come and learn some new practices on how to share love and touch your partner. With these new skills, you can feel more depth, deeper connection and become a master of lovemaking.

After this retreat, you will never go back to your ordinary love life. We want to share some of our most profound secrets of lovemaking and intimacy. This knowledge is nowhere else to be found. This is the knowledge that has been forwarded from generation to generation for decades and centuries.

We are ready to share this with you so that you could enrich your love life and relationship. With the help of these techniques, you will bring your skills to the next level. And it all will be given to you in a playful and fun way with lots of rituals in a cozy villa with the best local food.

We have only limited spaces at the villa, so if you feel the calling, reserve your spot and a life-changing week is waiting for you just around the corner. This is a beautiful way to celebrate love and life.

This will be one time opportunity for this year and who knows when there will be another chance for us to visit this magical land and spend time there in Africa. So now is the opportunity for you to take your love life onto a new course and learn some skills that will pay off throughout your life. Reserve your spot HERE.


Bella Laurfeld

Bella is a woman and a wisdom seaker. She considers Life itself to be her greatest teacher. She draws wisdom and experience through the reflections and mystique of life. She strikes a balance by being in harmony with nature and following the Ayurvedic path. She works as a body- and massage therapist in Helsinki and Tallinn, also offering Gentle- Bioenergetics sessions. Her passion is working with people to help them make better contact with their bodies and feelings. Through tantric lifestyle, she has found the juiciness of real life. “By accepting life with our challenges and joys, we can say yes to life! And in every situation. ” In her teachings, she always draws on her practical experience. Teachers are all around us - the forces of nature, people, situations and feelings. Bella is cheerful and positive, radiating love and compassion. Together with Igor Earthchild, they organize retreats and workshops for couples in Europe and Asia. She also conducts women's circles in Helsinki.

Igor Earthchild

Igor Earthchild is an artist of touch. He has blended techniques from Thailand with traditions from tantra. The massage awakens the divine from within. The healing touch opens the sacre temple and shows the access to endless opportunities to grow and become the best self. The main teaching is self-love. I’ll show you how to rise in love with yourself. This will free you from all your troubles. Your life becomes a fairytale where everything is possible and every emotion has a sweet taste. Why do waste time on worries if there is heaven waiting for you around the corner! Igor Earthchild teaches tantra and healthy relationships in Estonia, Finland, Russia, USA and Thailand. His main topics are concious awareness, magic of touch, healthy relationships, love lounge, playfulness, connecting with inner-child and releasing negative emotions. Igor is a professional tantra massage therapist and sex coach, who is teaching and practicing massage in different countries around the world. His biggest passion is to open up women’s heart and reach their full potential in life. He helps people to overcome their fears and blockages that are holding them back from living fully and happily. Tantra has been the best source of information and practices for his clients to reach their full capacity and success.

Kayenne Lee

Kayenne is a courageous therapist, massage teacher and the author of the book “Through My Own Hands”. He has spent last twenty years of his life studying the guarded secrets of Southeast Asia. Great massage masters have taught him to feel the body messages and their relation with emotions, organs and physical pain. Kayenne is a founder of Thayfusion - the School of Massage and Sensory Growth and creator of Contact Meditation - a particular and unique type of meditation based on contact.


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