4. day of darkness







To all the things that we cannot change, we should change the point of view. If we cannot change the weather and the direction of wind, then we at least can choose the right clothes.


Today's exercise is surfer pose. Use it to get a good stretch for your back, shoulder massage and stretch for your chest muscles. This practice will give you a better posture and bring the shoulders back.


We cannot change our children or our partner, but we can be the best example for them. And through that example, we can plant a seed of change in each one of them 😉

Blind walk

Go for a walk with your beloved, but first use a blindfold to tie up his/her eyes. Your mission is to make sure your partner is safe and your partner has to follow your lead with complete trust and surrender to what is.

Trust your life


Trusting life can happen through surrendering. It doesn’t mean you have to allow others to treat you with no respect. Surrendering means that you can see the bigger picture in which all that is happening, has it’s meaning. You can stay in the flow and enjoy the process that you are in with your relationship. You allow things to happen and instead you surrender to it and trust everything that life brings you. Start to train yourself to see the positive side of these events, not always focus on negative. 


Choose the way you perceive your life.

There are always situations that we can change. Then it’s up to us to make the necessary step towards the change. 


Take your partner for a walk with her eyes blindfolded. You will have to take full control of this journey. Make sure your partner is safe. You can describe what’s surrounds you or ask your partner, what does he or she senses.
This is a combination of Thai massage and my own techniques. Use this practice for good stretching of the back, shoulders and chest. It helps to straighten the posture and improves inhaling.

Sitting back to back is a good position to share your shadow side.

Helpful questions

If you want to go deeper into your shadow side, these questions might help you to share some insights with your lover. Take time to answer these questions and share with your partner what is happening inside of you.

Tell me what are you longing in relationship? What do you want to experience in love-life?

Describe, what is the most frightening thing for you that could happen? 

Please share with me your secret that you haven’t shared with anyone.

Thank you for being honest with me! I honour your transparency and braveness. How can I help you to process these feelings right now?


Then you can change roles.