6. day - summary






Find your diary where you wrote down your intention for this challenge. Go through the notes from this week and discuss it with your partner. How much did you achieve of what was in your enquiry?


Todays exercise is breast massage. We are honoured to share this technique with you, because we find this specific massage could be the game changer in your relationship. It will open the gates of love and compassion and fill you both with grace from heart.


Please fill up the feedback form to share your experience with us. It's important for us to see the results and make adjustments according to it. We will send you a bonus massage for your effort.


It has been a wonderful journey and we are very grateful to you for going through this with your lover. Some of the effects will come after but already now you can sense what has changed in your relationship and what needs more attention. Follow the questions below to get the full picture.

We are truly glad, that you dared to go through this challenge with us! We are very grateful for your trust. It is one of the most beautiful things that we want to develop and open ourselves to other. This also inspires us to continue our work and share the wisdom with other couples so that we all could thrive. 
We appreciate your feedback. You can tell us anything you want. If you want to go deeper or you have questions arisen, you are free to contact us and we will follow up with you directly. Together we will find the solutions and answers to any kind of scenarios. 
Much love to you!
Igor & Bella

Helpful questions

If you want to get full benefit of this week, these questions might help you to share some of the details with your lover. Take time to answer these questions and notice what has changed. 

Did you have an ahhaa-moment or did you enjoy specially  some of the exercises that you learned here? Share that with your partner and explain – why.

Describe, what was the hardest thing for you to do and how did you overcame this obstacle. 

How did this challenge affected your own relationship with yourself? Do you feel more connected? Can you follow your own desires more easily? 

How did these exercises changed your perspective on your lover? Do you feel more connected with your partner? 

Try to describe, what is different for you and how do you see your relationship from now on. Have you become more closer? Do you understand your partner better?


Please fill up our form to give us some feedback on the challenge week. We would like to have you honest feedback so that we could also improve and provide the best experience to all of you. As soon as you finish the feedback, we will share a massage exercise with you.
This massage is one of revolutionary ways how to give attention and touch to your lover. It will open the gates of love and compassion and fill you both with grace from heart. ​Be completely present while giving this massage to your beloved. It will create magic around you.