Welcome to advanced Tantra Retreat 2025 February 18.-23.

We invite you to an unforgettable retreat on the beautiful island of Bali. The environment in which to experience the retreat is important to us. We want to offer you, dear participant, a space that supports your self-development journey. The island of Bali has pure, feminine energy, supportive, but at the same time showing your shadows when necessary. It creates the ground for deep and lasting transformational changes. Supported by powerful energies, we can immerse ourselves with other participants in a 6-day journey of profound change.


Are you ready to look deeper into yourself?

This retreat is for you if you are really ready to look inside of you. To meet those sides of yourself that may seem uncomfortable, sometimes scary or confusing. On this retreat we want to provide you with a safe and nurturing environment to dissolve these energies within yourself.

Let’s go on a journey together, trusting the Universe to bring the right people together, with whom we will create a common container in which to discover our true nature. It will be a body-glorifying, life-affirming, pleasure-tolerating, playful, nervous-system-supporting, uniqueness- and inspiration-opening and empowering journey. These 6 days will be the holy altar of the soul where you are your own most powerful god or goddess. Join this Advanced Tantra Retreat on February 18’th 2025
This Advanced Tantra Retreat gives you knowledge and techniques to manage your own energies. How to cultivate life energy, not lose it. Gives practices to strengthen one’s intuition. Creates a better connection with your body through various techniques and massages. Through individual and couple practices, it helps to raise the vibration of the body, clean and enrich the energy body. This retreat is based on ancient tantric practices, and we will be working with male and female energies in general.

The retreat includes:

– morning practices: yoga, mantras, meditation
– opening of blockages in the body and practices that open the energy body
– relaxing breathing practices, pranayamas
– sublimating practices
– a day of silence and fasting
– getting in touch with hidden emotions and tools to dissolve them
– self-care practices and tools
– getting in touch with your primal instincts and ecstasy
– sacred rituals
– shamanistic practices
– movement and liberating dance
– 5 different massage practices
– Delicious vegan food 3 times a day
– accommodation
– the entire program


In order to maintain the massage techniques later, we send the massage instructional videos to your email, which can be accessed after the retreat.

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Retreat facilitators are Igor and Bella

Igor and Bella are the organizers of the Estonian Tantra Festival. It is an international festival with over 300 participants and 20 different teachers from around the world each year. The tradition of the Tantra Festival in Estonia goes back to 2013 when it started. For the past 11 years, the community has grown into a big family of like-minded people. We see it as our mission to hold this community active and thriving.

We are waiting for you on a tantric retreat in Bali to immerse yourself in the ocean of pleasures and flavors!

6 days retreat includes

Together we will learn tantra massage

During this retreat Igor and Bella will introduce you to some of the most profound tantra massage techniques that will help you to feel the energies and also to give such powerful experiences to others.

tantra massage

Healthy food 3 times a day

We will have a private cheff who is making extraordinary meals for us. Plus we have a variety of local fruits to keep us fresh and hydrated throughout the week.

vegan food

Yoga and Chi Gong

This course will be filled with powerful exercises from Chi Gong to breathwork to energyze you for more ecstatic experiences in tantra.

morning practices

Tantric meditations

We want to bring you more authentic rituals to get familiar with tantric traditions and also to bring the blessings from powerful tantric deities to the space of our co-creation and make magic.


Payment options for Advanced Tantra Retreat


Price until 16.07.2024 – 1199€

Price until 25.12.2024 – 1399€

Price from 25.12.2024 – 1566€

The number of places is limited. In order for you to experience an enchanting retreat in Bali, please confirm your participation in the retreat by paying an advance payment per each participant.
Please see the payment options HERE
You can pay for the retreat in several parts so that the amount is not too large to pay at once. If you have any questions about payment or would like a special payment schedule, feel free to write to
The cost of the retreat is calculated from the date of the first deposit. Please pay the last part of the amount in cash on the spot.

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