Igor & Bella are giving workshops for couples on festivals and retreats.

We have been organising and teaching on different festivals and retreats around the world. 

Igor Earthchild has been giving workshops on retreats since 2015. Starting from 2017 he has been organising an international Tantra Festival in Estonia. In 2018 he was main organiser of Yoga Festival in Thailand. 

Since 2019 we are giving workshops and retreats together with Bella. 


We are couple dedicated to practicing and teaching bodywork and healthy relationships to couples around the world. 

Our retreat in Thailand in 2020

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love lounge

We will be playing with body and mind, to open ourselves to new pleasures and allow our bodies to melt into one.We will be holding safe space for you to completely relax and surrender to touch. Together we will rise the vibration to experience ecstasy from presence and caressing.


This workshop is a deep dive into your childhood where you hold your traumas. We will dig out the wounds where you were hurt or punished. Together we will send healing and acknowledgement to these shadows that you are carrying with you. We will learn that it’s ok to feel shame or fear and how to live with it in harmony. For many of our quests this workshop has been life changing experience.

full body orgasm

Toiduhaldjas retriidil on Mari-Liis Raud. Tema käe all valmivad maitsvad taimetoidud, mis teevad meie kõhule pai ja annavad energiat süveneda iseenda ja oma paarilise tunnetemaailma.
Mari-Liis on Good Mood Food mahekohviku üks loojatest, pakkudes hooajalist värsket taimetoitu Kuressaares💛.

shut up and love me

This is a game where you can explore your boundaries. The main rule is  – No talking. We will get you out of your head into the sensation of your body. Surrender to the playfulness and excitment. 

he or she

It will be our sacred temple, where everything is allowed. We will guide you through your own desires and show you the door, which you can enter. Or you can step aside and be a watcher to see how others are doing it. It’s up to you, how much you dare to live. 

human mandala

It is a magical workshop, where we create massage sharing in a circle that brings the pleasure and rises energy up high. It looks like a beautiful mandala from above. Each participant will experience countless amount of touch on the body, that creates ecstatic sensation.