We invite you to internal journey of awakening and deep inner bonding with yourself.

This is an opportunity to learn the secrets of your body and open up for pleasure. We will reveal secrets of anatomy and orgasms so that you can explore your inner world from completely new perspective. 

module I

Opening pelvis gate


Opening diafragm gate

module III

Opening jade gate

In these modules we will teach how to open the energy gates in our bodies and allow the sexual energy to move into a current flow. In each module we will look deeper into the energy forms and blockages in perspective of body connection. From body memory we carry our emotional blockages, like shame, guilt, anger.

These feelings and emotions are usually subconsciously hidden in our bodies. These blockages does not allow us to feel the orgasmic waves of energy flowing through our being. In physical level it can felt as muscle tension, pain or numbness. Emotionally we are not allowing ourselves to feel our feelings. We are not connected to our emotions. We cannot control them. This practice will help participants to find connection with their body and emotions, to gain control over emotional state and enjoy the sensations of their bodies.

In each module we do energy work, have difference practices, learn bodywork techniques to release energy. In this safe space you can open up, be vulnerable and face your shadows.

Modules are connected with each other to dive deeper. Throughout this course we will work on opening the three gates within our bodies to allow the energy to move freely. For participating on this corse the previous inner work and practical knowledge of tantra is necessary. We assume from you the basic knowledge about energies and full responsibility for your feelings and emotions.

module I

  • introduction to pelvic anatomy and different orgasms
  • practices to releasing shame and fear
  • kundalini awakening practice
  • pelvic expansion bodywork
  • pelvic bouncing exercise
  • breath exercise

module II

  • introduction to energy work and channeling
  • heart activation practice
  • opening diaphragm
  • chi nei tsang massage
  • angel walk ritual
  • refining sexual energy practice
  • masculine-feminine breath exercise

module III

  • introduction to intuition and pineal gland activation
  • opening jade gate
  • throat activation
  • sound practice
  • head massage
  • cutting the mind ritual
  • connecting three gates through Dolphin massage