luxury retreat for couples

MAY 20-22’th 2022

On Saaremaa island

We invite you to Saaremaa again. This time we will get one step closer to each-other in our relationship. We will enjoy autumn nature on Saaremaa island, learn the quality of touch with some new massage techniques. We do daily yoga exercises and empowering rituals. There will be delicious vegan food and cozy accommodation in a Saaremaa-style country-house. 

Massage trainings

We will learn some powerful practices how to release sexual energy within our body

6 couples

An intimate training will be held in an intimate environment away from city noise in a company of only 6 couples

Rituals and practices

More magic will occure thanks to deep rituals and healing practices throughout the weekend

Would you like to bring more intimacy and understanding into your relationship? Do you want to explore your lover from a new perspective and dedicate your time to one another? If you feel that another weekend in spa wouldn’t give you that kind of deep connection or sometimes you are lacking the skills to provide such satisfying pleasure to your partner, then this is the place for you.
Here we combine luxurious environment with raw nature, comfortable leisure and lots of pleasure. Together we will learn to listen to our partner, express our desires, feel and experience the healing touch in presence and the magic of rituals.
We invite you to Saaremaa island, where we can take the next step towards closeness. We will enjoy the local nature, learn the touch and massage, practicing yoga and perform interesting tantric rituals. Our bodies will be caressed by tasty and healthy vegan food and local spring water.
There is limited amount of available places in the villa because we will have only 6 couples for this weekend. So make sure you get your spots on time.
All the trainings and space will be held by Igor Earthchild and Bella Laurfeld. Find out more about facilitators HERE


We are welcoming you to a cozy yoga house on the island of Saaremaa. It’s a private farm-house in the middle of beautiful nature. Accommodation will be in shared room, where there is space for three couples divided with curtains. 

In addition we have private rooms for 2-3 couples. We can also negotiate special price for couples who come with a camper van or tent. 


Participation costs 350€ per person, 700€ / per couple.

Price includes all training exercises and rituals, healthy meals 3 times a day and accommodation. 

Payment can be made in cash or through bank, we accept credit cards. In order to book your reservation you should pay booking in amount of 100€ here. 
You can also pay in three parts for this training. 


Food-Fairy for this retreat will be again Mari-Liis Raud. She will be making delicious meals that would caress our bodies and fuel them for even deeper dive into our feelings. 
Mari-Liis is one of co-founders of Good Mood Food cafe that is serving vegan food in Kuressaare town. 










Igor Earthchild teaches tantra and relationships for the past 10 years in USA, Russia, Europe and Asia.

Bella is a professional massage therapeut, who has years of experience also in homeopathy and ayurveda science.


Varpe village, Saaremaa

58.266088, 22.039437

Kandimaa joga house

Om Open Mind


There are three ways to register on our retreat:
  1. write to us directly at
  2. find our event on Facebook
  3. and the quickest way is to register here by paying the prepayment for the retreat.