By breaking small routines you can bring a lot of freshness into your life and relationship. Try with simple changes like moving furniture at your home or send your TV on vacation for a month or so. See, what changes, notice the difference.


Todays exercise is Kitchen chair Romance. It is a lovely way to turn your kitchen into a romantic love nest, where you can have an unusual connection with your lover. We encourage you to try this exercise after a long day at work. It will give a nice relaxation and warmup for lovemaking.


Todays challenge is to surprise your lover. Make at least one surprise for your partner each day for the next 4-5 days. It could be a gift or a compliment. It could be something you learned during our training. Remind yourself what was the love language of your partner to find the right answer to this game.


Today we are sharing with you a satsang by Osho. This is a valuable lecture, where Osho describes the true essence of tantra. He talks about the unity with the Universe and how to achieve it through daily practices.

Creation in emptiness

In order to feel inspiration and motivation, be centred and surprise your beloved, we have to be also in lack of motivation, tired and out of ideas. The ability to value those moments, when there is nothing but emptiness. This emptiness is the beginning on something new. In order to make space for new creation, we need to get rid of old. Let go of old habits, routines and thinking patterns. 

 Allow these low moments to be and try to feel what new and beautiful can arise from there.

As we experienced in fasting – after emotions there was a phase of silence. This is the stage, where mind is quiet, emotions are gone – there is like emptiness. And out of that emptiness there was a new beginning. It’s new and fresh energy. You feel good in your body. You are vibrant of energy. You get new ideas and creative insights. Thoughts are clear and bright. 

Very often we do the things always the same old way. Eat the same food, at the same place. We also treat our lover by the same principals, repeating the same routine over and over again. 

What if we try to do things differently? Breaking small habits could bring lot’s of freshness into your life and also relationship. These changes also affect our brain and create new neuron pathways in our mind that make us think in different and also act in a new way. 

Try with moving the furniture in your room for example – what happens? And what if you get rid of your TV for a month and instead make a cuddling nest in that corner. There you can practice daily massage sessions to each other. How does this affect your quality time and intimacy? We believe, these changes can be major.

Surprise yourself with these creative ideas! 


This is an intensive full body massage, that allows your partner to deeply relax the lower body, shoulders and legs. Follow these instructions in the video step by step. You might even watch this first with your lover so that you both are ready to go on this journey together. Take some time for the exercise and make your space comfortably on the floor so that you can both enjoy this practice.
A good way to brake the routine is to do massage in the kitchen. It will get you out of common sense and make space for creativity flow. Be bold to experiment new things and become a bit unpredictable through these exercises. This exercise can last for hours and make your kitchen a new love nest for your intimacy to grow and flourish. You can surprise with this massage your lover after a dinner that you made for both of you. Let the creativity flow and enjoy the fruits of it!