Tantra festival bonus

Our gift to all Tantra Festival participants

This massage will give a good relaxation to your partner after a long day. It focuses mainly on shoulders, neck and chest muscles.

This is a combination of Thai massage and my own techniques. Use this practice for good stretching of the back, shoulders and chest. It helps to straighten the posture and improves inhaling. 

Try this exercise with your partner to create more intimacy and rest on each other’s lap at the same time. This pose allows you to massage each-other in very sensitive areas, that need a lot of attention. 

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Tantra Festival has been a tradition in our community for over eight years. It is a great event where people can meet to share their knowledge and presence with likeminded people. Every year we introduce a new lineup of teachers from around the world. They all live and breathe the tantric way of living. This event is keeping our community together and helps all of us to grow. We are welcoming new participants every year to share the value of being surrounded by spiritually awakened and warm people. 

Join us for this unforgettable experience!