Udiana Banda

It’s a powerful practice, where you learn how to gather the energy in your third eye by creating the vacuum in your body and pumping the energy up using your PC muscle, while stretching your spine.  Technique Stretch your hands up above your head, breathe in deeply and bend your body forward with full out-breath […]

Body De-armoring

It is a form of therapy, that removes most of your emotional burden that has been stored in your body since early childhood and even birth. The emotions that hasn’t been expressed, stay in our body memory in certain locations. This technique helps to unwind the knots in your body where these emotions hide. It […]

3 minutes game

This game will teach you how to enjoy touching each other and how to express your desires.

Awakening touch

This massage will help you to spread the sexual energy in the body and it gives a good stretch to pelvis and ties.

Thai Vedic Bodywork

This dance-like bodywork performed by Sebastian Bruno is series of complex movements that allow receiver to dive into a meditative state in connection with the body.

Shoulder Massage

In this video Igor Earthchild is demonstrating tantric spine and shoulder massage that improves energy flow in the whole body and releases pain in the back and shoulders.

Chi Nei Tsang

This is a deep belly massage, that relaxes your nervous system and lifts the vitality.

Head Massage

With this massage, you can easily reduce the pain if your partner has a headache. You can try this technique even in a car or public place.