Tantra Massage

The introduction of tantric massage by John Hawken. This is a piece from a full documentary about tantra called: “The Secret of Tantra”. Tantric massage is a direct experience of tantra through touch, not just an idea. Go here to watch the full movie: The Secret of Tantra

Thai Vedic Bodywork

This dance-like bodywork performed by Sebastian Bruno is series of complex movements that allow receiver to dive into a meditative state in connection with the body.

Back and Shoulder Massage

In this video Igor Earthchild is demonstrating tantric spine and shoulder massage that improves energy flow in the whole body and releases pain in the back and shoulders.

Chi Nei Tsang

This is a deep belly massage, that relaxes your nervous system and lifts the vitality.

Earth Massage

This technique is developed and practiced by Igor Earthchild, inspired by tantra massage, Dao Yoga massage and Thai Vedic massage.  It helps to improve blood stream and energy flow in ligaments and boosts immune system. 


This is a remarkable technique that I have been practicing for many years and it always has tremendous immediate results. If done right, this water massage will bring the receiver back to the womb of her mother. Being held in warm water creates the environment for the body to remember the feeling of being in […]

Head Massage

With this massage, you can easily reduce the pain if your partner has a headache. You can try this technique even in a car or public place.