Heart opening massage

This massage is a great practice to activate the heart chakra and create a connection on a heart level between the giver and receiver.

Sexual Chi Gong

Learn the chi and practice harvesting it from the space around you with Shashi Solluna

Follow the palm exercise

This exercise is a playful way to increase polarity between the couple and grow trust in one another. Sit against eachother and ask your partner to follow your palm. Play with your palm and make your partner move with it. Pay attention on your partner and learn how to lead. After a while change the […]

Chi Gong

Follow the instructions by a master of Tao Tantric Arts – Shashi Solluna.

Approaching exercise

Sit comfortably against each other. Start to approach with your open palm to the heart of your partner. Do it as slowly as possible. Keep your attention on the reactions of your partner. The partner will focus on the palm and feel what is emmerging from within. As soon as there is pain, fear or […]

Male and Female breath

In this breathing exercise, we will introduce you to male and female breath. This exercise is about the polarities, where a woman is giving from her plus pole which is in her heart and a man is giving also from his heart but through his sex. Because for man the heart is a minus pole […]

Biker Pose

This massage will give a good relaxation to your partner after a long day. It focuses mainly on shoulders, neck and chest muscles. PRACTICE Sit on a chair and invite your partner to sit in front of you on the floor, leaning her hands over your thighs. Take some oil on your hands and start […]