‘VOID’ is a journey into the dark. 

It will feel as if you’re walking in full darkness, not having any reference for any movements. You can’t but give yourself to the mystery that is only revealed through an authentic act of surrender.

The dark is the emptiness that lives at the core of everything. 

It is the ecstatic energy of life we call ‘the mystery’ that lives at the core of all things from black holes at the center of galaxies to the atoms in your body. 

This dark isn’t the polarity to light but the place from which both light and form arises.

The dark has been called many things, ‘God’, ‘Source’ ‘Spirit’, ‘The Tao’, ‘Void’.  It is the non-dual nature of the universe and is what lives behind all identity.

It is our essence. 

‘VOID’ opens the pathways for this dark to enter your body, heart and consciousness.

You will be invited to empty your mind of agendas, dissolve expectations and surrender to the arising of the mystery moment to moment.

VOID aims to give a reference point of emptiness not only from the mind as many meditation practices propose, but an emptiness that reveals from the core of one’s body, heart and consciousness.

  • > BODY

    When we take our awareness all the way down inside our body, beneath our cells, into the core of our atoms and still deeper, we find a singularity, a whirring energy vortex. When the emptiness that lives at the core of atoms vibrates out of the physical body it becomes sacred land for pilgrims. Touch from that place reconnects to a lost sense of home.

  • > HEART

    When the dark core of our hearts opens we are gifted a sublime experience of ‘falling through’ the core of another heart, galaxies merging into the singularity of ONEness together.  This is the deep rest in love that we long for but rarely find as it requires the dissolving of a separate ‘I’ and ‘you’, there is no outer projection of a partner, lover or friend.  There is nothing to hold and no-one to be, nothing else exists except love.


    The dark accelerates evolution and its capacity to radically elevate consciousness is one of the most potent offerings for humanity.  This energy can pierce through collective thought forms and mental structures that limit our capacity to know our own boundlessness, the true nature of reality.  It can ungrip us from a concrete three dimensional world of predictability and logic where the boundaries of ‘knowing’ encase the multidimensional realms of possibility. 

“I had to get out of my own way over and over to drop deeper and deeper into layers of intimacy I didn’t even know existed (…) it was terrifying and blissful all together” 

– Judy Blair, Lake Hawea, NZ

Falling through the core of all existence requires an act of radicality, of will.

It will cost your life as you know it, it will require that you face the threshold of insanity while sitting on the edge of totality that includes everything and its opposite. 

On the event horizon of the dark, you will be met with terror, this isn’t a fear that has any causality, it is the terror that proceed the dissolution of the Self. As humans we taste it every time we have a sense of irreversible loss.

You can be forced to this initiation the day your physical body will cease to live. Or you can decide to lose control in every moment, letting life arise, while keeping presence in the chaotic dance that moves you.

This is the only workshop that has been able to give me a glimpse of no mind and refine my quality of presence. Complete letting go and acceptance of all that is.

– Stephanie, Melbourne, AU

Living and moving from the emptiness that lives at the core of all things, not only prepares us to die, but also allows us to fully live! This is a total different state of existence, from the survival and individuated state, in which the majority of humanity is stuck in.

We fear the dark, because it feels like death. But until we have integrated the flip side of it: an equal longing to not exist as separate forms, we won’t be able to find infinite freedom. The only freedom that allows us to fully be. 

Becoming aware of this dichotomy isn’t a sign of personal failure, despite the interpretation that has misled many to give up on life. But it is the recognition of a universal inherent truth, which is the venom and the antidote at once.

“I felt naked with nowhere to hide… while I’ve felt on the edge so many times during the workshop, I simultaneously realised that I’ve always wanted to be there… my experience has been full of liberating contradictions!”

– Justin, Melbourne, AU

We will use practices that involve meditation, embodiment, movement, silence, touch… to support the emergence of the dark, individually and within the group field.

When our sense of individuation surrenders to source and gives space for the dark to be at the center of our existence, we experience a sense of profound rest, a return home, a blissful taste of totality and simplicity.

“A condition of complete simplicity costing not less than everything” – TS Eliot

Although we will explore various practices, they aren’t the focus. They are here to support the awareness of the formless freedom of being danced by the mystery. This state of inner spaciousness and emptiness will allow synchronicities, effortless exposure, core intimacy, deep insights, acceptance, objectless bliss and the potential for many more describable and indescribable experiences.

‘VOID’ is for:

  • Anyone who longs to dissolve a separate self.

  • Anyone who is willing to let something greater direct their lives.

  • Anyone who is willing to sharpen their capacity to pause in any given situation and listen to what life wants.

  • Anyone who wishes to embody ecstatic spaciousness and deep stillness.

  • Anyone who is tired of resisting life as it comes and ready to let the mystery lead the way.

  • Anyone who is longing for true freedom.

  • Anyone who is longing to find togetherness in their deepest aloneness.

This retreat is open to all genders and non binary folk, as well as all relationship styles and preferences. You can attend alone or with partners.

This retreat will include:

  • Radical discontinuity – don’t be attached to structure

  • Individual and group practices

  • Live demos to direct transmissions

  • Introduction and practice of Tandava (see bellow)

  • Introduction and practice of Yoga of Touch (see bellow)

  • Periods of silence

  • Spaciousness

Main Practices:


Non-linear movement practice

Often depicted in the traditional iconography of northern India, Kashmir and Tibet, Tandava is an extremely slow, mystical dance and non-linear movement practice.

Through its refrain from intentions, one can create an expansion of the body into space, an experience of absence of limits that leads to a non-dual awareness and absorption of the Self-undistinguished from the Cosmos, the Void, the Dark.

The seemingly empty space around us becomes our dance partner as we slowly allow the waves of life to move our body and merge with the universe around us as a mystical union of totality.

This hybrid practice connects body, heart and spirit as one and is designed to remember our infinite free and unconditioned nature.


“When I first received Laura’s transmission of Tandava I felt like I finally had a part of me receive what it was looking for, a deeper layer of intimacy, without even knowing it or how to attain or find it.”

– Kaya, Wanaka, New Zealand

Kashmiri massage

When one becomes Tandava, its touch carries spirit and devotion and seals it into matter. Touch becomes a spiritual practice and a form of refined art.

Yoga of Touch is a form of non-dual meditative touch that unites masculine, feminine, inner child, spirit and matter.

Through loving attention, presence and unintentional touch a space of trust is created in which deep allowing and letting go is possible.

This ritual of presence beyond time, space and duality, allows an inner meditative journey and can lift giver and receiver, that ultimately become one, into unknown levels of consciousness.

This spaciousness and intentionlessness nourishes our core and deep need for unconditional acceptance and love, in which our body carries its eternal remembrance.

This devotion turns touch into art.

 “This retreat has touched me in much deeper places than I expected it to. This journey was a powerful immersion into what it means to let life move you and letting go of control. What I thought would be just a meditative state and bodywork practice to add to my inventory turned out to be a teaching that translates immediately to my everyday life and has vibrated since in the way I’m approaching living in synchronization of what is happening around me.

I’d personally recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to journey into the mysteries of life in themselves, and is ready to get touched intimately in their soul, in a way that I have never experienced before and was actually looking for, without knowing it.”

– Kaya Levin, Wanaka, NZ

Meet your guide


Laura has been a mystic over life times. Her devotion to formlessness has made her from a very young age grieve a quality of purity in singularity, encapsulating in her heart a secret and long misunderstood longing for death as liberation from forms.

As a surreptitious devotee of Thanatos, she was faced with multiple experiences of radical disruptions followed by times of profound dissolution, which made her acquire a unique breadth of wisdom.

Developing an intimate relationship with core aloneness, Laura learned to take refuge in an inner world of emptiness as an escape from the erratic human experience.
What made her inadequate to a world that is in constant denial of a fundamental dark truth, made her simultaneously uniquely suited to see beyond forms with clarity and compassion enabling breaches for core emergence in others.

When she was first introduced to the practices of Tandava and of Yoga of touch, she recognised instantly the refined quality revealed through them as being her core, making her land and rest at ‘home’. She was extremely moved to find practices that could translate her most precious and guarded place of aloneness that would help bridge, expose, invite and guide others into wordless singularity.

Laura has been supporting groups through transformation for a decade. She is dedicated to collective change and genuinly cares about the emergence of a new civilization based on freedom from conditioning and awakening of human’s hearts.

Laura is a living dark seed that serves the emergence of the Temples that hold emptiness at the centre. 

She is part of the teaching faculty at Highden Temple and at The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).
She also offers online courses, online mentorships and local (Geneva, Switzerland) in person events and psychology practice.


Investment & registration

•         SUPER EARLY BIRD : 570€  ( first 5 tickets max and until August 1, 2023)

•         EARLY BIRDS: 630€  (5- 10 tickets max and until September 1, 2023 )

•         REGULAR PRICE: 700€ (From September 2nd until registrations closes: October 2, 2023 or sold out: 30 participants)


The price includes vegetarian food and accommodation and the complete training fees for 5 days.

•         The first meal is dinner on 4th of October.

•         The last meal is lunch 8th of October.

How to register?

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  2. After filling up the registration form, Bella, our organiser, will send you an invoice by email.
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Cancellation policy:

The fees for this journey are non refundable and non transferable.