What obstacles are you facing in your relationship during these trying times? Have tensions risen between you and your partner? Or has your love life unexpectedly reignited with the passion of a honeymoon? Our current situation has undeniably become an inescapable reality, one that some have yearned for, while others have dreaded. How do you personally navigate this new world? Are you battling against it or embracing the changes? Can you acknowledge the potential positive impact of this new reality on your relationship, or is fear holding you captive?

The lockdown, war, and crisis have unearthed an array of emotions within us, laying bare both light and dark aspects of our feelings. There’s nowhere to run or hide as your true desires and insecurities surface. The choice is yours: suppress and deny these emotions, or seize the opportunity for profound healing by confronting them head-on and shedding the burdensome patterns that no longer serve you. Do you have the courage to face these emotions and communicate openly with your partner, allowing love and compassion to initiate the healing process?

We extend a warm invitation to join our online program designed specifically for couples. Through this five-day challenge, you’ll have the unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship while staying safe with your loved one. Let us guide both you and your partner on an extraordinary journey toward deepening your connection and unveiling innovative ways of engaging within your relationship.

Our challenge promises a transformative experience for those who:

– Desire a more profound connection with their partner

– Seek mental and physical rejuvenation

– Yearn to confront genuine feelings and emotions

– Aim to articulate their authentic needs

– Crave understanding of their partner’s love language

– Strive for meaningful growth within their relationship

– Wish to explore new dimensions of physical intimacy

Over the course of the program, we’ll provide daily massage techniques and tasks designed to enhance closeness with your partner and foster novel approaches to interaction. Our online retreat also offers seven distinct practices, seven exercises, a thought-provoking lecture on the concept of oneness, a live webinar, and an array of bonus content.

Igor & Bella

Here’s what you can expect from our transformative training:

– 7 engaging exercises to practice with your partner

– 7 unique techniques for interaction

– An enlightening Tantra lecture by Osho

– Interactive online webinar

– Innovative massage giving and receiving methods

– Insights into improving everyday communication

– Enjoyable bonding experiences for you and your partner

Embrace this chance to embark on an emotional journey, ignite curiosity, and delve into the depths of your relationship. Let us support and guide you through this remarkable experience.

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