1. Day - fasting






The first day is an introduction day into week of challenge. Today we focus on tuning in, diet and setting the intention for the week.


Today's exercise is CLOSENESS. This exercise creates deep connection between the couple. It allows you to dive into the present moment and create more intimacy between bodies.


To go deeper into yourself and relationship, we recommend you to take a notebook for this week. There you can journal all your feelings and thoughts.


We recommend to try kitchary diet. Before starting it's good to set an intention for that. What would you like to achieve or experience. This will help you to stay guided and overcome the challenging moments.

Mapping the relationship. Setting the common intention.

To go deeper into yourself and into relationship we recommend you to take a diary.  There you will be writing down the thoughts and feelings related to the exercises and practices that you will try during the week. Try to be as honest as possible with your partner and with yourself. But also gentle and loving. 

This is already big step forward that you have decided to join this corse!

It shows that you are willing to change your relationship to more deeper and intimate. Be grateful to yourself and your partner to have this opportunity to go through this together. By supporting each other you are creating new reality for both of you in a flow, in which your relationship can flourish. But in order to dive in fully, you will have to face your own and your partners shadow side and welcome that as well.  

Topics to discuss with your partner:

Set the consecration for this week. Verbalise the result in present form.  Both of you should have a chance to say out their own wish like it has already happened. Then you can reflect to each other. 

Expressing the issue is already half of the solution. Don’t be afraid to be honest about the things you want to improve in your relationship.

Try to evaluate the present moment in your relationship. Be honest and real about it. Try to be as objective as possible. Describe your own feelings and personal view on things. Also be a listener with no judgements when your partner is sharing. 

Evaluate your environment, nutrition and habits and how they affect your wellbeing, health and relations.

Try to tune in to your happiness and observe your feelings. What causes this feeling and how to amplify that? Happiness is your best compass in life. 

Here is a pose for you in which you can have this conversation. It will help you to open space for safe and loving sharing. Also keep your notebook by your side.



Food tapas. We recommend you to take a three day fasting. It could be light fasting with mono-diet or fruits or more challenging with just water. Mono-diet has strong effect on cleansing the body from emotional and physical waste. We are offering you kitchary diet as mono-diet for this time. This is a light food that is easy to digest and has pretty much the same effect as water fasting. Make sure you do the consecration to be aligned with your goal for this fasting. Find our recipe below.
This pose creates deeper connection between the couple. It allows you to come into present moment and relax fully. By leaning on each other you can massage your partners legs and feet, or back and shoulders. By leaning your head on your head on partners shoulder you are free to let go of all the tension and thoughts.

sex fasting

FOR MORE ADVANCED STUDENTS: It’s also good to do sex fasting during this week. We encourage you to try without penetration. There will be plenty of exercises that will grow your intimacy and would push you to go further, but it would give you the maximum result if you stay playful and not go until the end. Try to observe your own desires and grow the tension towards your partner. By the end of the week you will feel strong pull towards him/her. This will be your reward for this challenging week.