day 2 - inner observation







If you started with fasting, then you probably already noticed the side-effect of it. Usually people experience tendency to feel more emotions and be more sensitive as a result of cleansing of the body. All the things that have been hidden, want to come out. It is a normal effect, that we encourage you to observe with no judgements.


Today's exercise is RACER POSE. This practice is an exciting way to connect with your partner. It's fun to ride a race car while massaging your beloved. Be gentle and sensitive while giving this massage and the result will be amazing.


Find some time during the day to ground and balance yourself. The best way to do that is by walking bare feet on the ground. If you are staying at home, you can use shower or caressing your pet or do conscious breathing.


Here and now. Practice the presence in the moment. Take some time to go for a walk in nature. Be present while you walk outside. Make it your meditation where instead of thinking you move your attention to the surface of your body.

Inner observation - move out the head into your heart!

The second day is the time to observe from within. Take some time for yourself and focus on your inner world. Feel your body and let go of your mind. Stay in present moment to feel what is happening within you. Practice being here and now. Witness the feelings and emotions that want to arise in you2. Accept them as they are and just observe. You don’t have to fight them to get rid of them, they too will pass. Be the witnesser. 

When we want to reach balance it’s important to accept both – negative and positive feelings. That makes us whole. Remind your self that you are not these emotions or feelings. This way you can observe them from side. 

If you have started with fasting, it is quite normal that you might experience higher sensitivity and be more emotional. These are side effects when people start cleansing the body through fasting. All that has been hidden in you, wants to reach the surface and be released. Be aware of it and be reasonable and compassionate to your self and to your lover. A good way to deal with these sensations is to be surrounded with nature. Especially if you can walk bare feet or sit on a beach with your hands and feet berried into the sand. If you are staying at home a good way to ground your self is by taking a relaxing shower. We recommend you to ventilate your rooms, open windows and fill the space with fresh air. A good way to find balance and calm down the emotions is through conscious breathing. Use these techniques to calm your self down throughout the day and also keep an eye on your lover. If you are still feeling frustrated and need help, feel free to connect with us and we will gladly support you on your way. 


Here and Now

Be present in the moment. Take some time to walk in nature. Leave all your gadgets and phone at home to get the full experience. Try to be fully present while you walk. Feel the air that surrounds you. Is it warm or cold, is it dry? Feel the smell of it. Listen to the sounds around you. Try to differ the sounds and where are they coming from. Feel different textures around you, feel the ground under your feet. Feel the sensations of your clothes on the skin. Observe birds, animals and people that you meet on your way. If you loose your self into wondering, bring your attention back into present and continue meditation. A good way to do so is through breathing. Breath deeply and free your mind of thoughts with every out-breath.
This exercise allows you to float with your partner in a comfortable pose, where you both can enjoy the melting of two bodies. For the receiver, it is an intense practice to release the blocked sexual energy and allow it to flow in the body. For the giver, it’s a playful way to interact with the partner and learn to feel her or imagine driving a sports-car an enjoy the ride while massaging your partner.