Heart opening massage

This massage is a great practice to activate the heart chakra and create a connection on a heart level between the giver and receiver.

Sexual Chi Gong

Learn the chi and practice harvesting it from the space around you with Shashi Solluna

Follow the palm exercise

This exercise is a playful way to increase polarity between the couple and grow trust in one another. Sit against eachother and ask your partner to follow your palm. Play with your palm and make your partner move with it. Pay attention on your partner and learn how to lead. After a while change the […]

Chi Gong

Follow the instructions by a master of Tao Tantric Arts – Shashi Solluna.

Approaching exercise

Sit comfortably against each other. Start to approach with your open palm to the heart of your partner. Do it as slowly as possible. Keep your attention on the reactions of your partner. The partner will focus on the palm and feel what is emmerging from within. As soon as there is pain, fear or […]

Udiana Banda

It’s a powerful practice, where you learn how to gather the energy in your third eye by creating the vacuum in your body and pumping the energy up using your PC muscle while stretching your spine.  Technique Stretch your hands up above your head, breathe in deeply, and bend your body forward with a full […]

Male and Female breath

In this breathing exercise, we will introduce you to male and female breath. This exercise is about the polarities, where a woman is giving from her plus pole which is in her heart and a man is giving also from his heart but through his sex. Because for man the heart is a minus pole […]

Body De-armoring

It is a form of therapy, that removes most of your emotional burden that has been stored in your body since early childhood and even birth. The emotions that hasn’t been expressed, stay in our body memory in certain locations. This technique helps to unwind the knots in your body where these emotions hide. It […]

3 minutes game

This game will teach you how to enjoy touching each other and how to express your desires.

Awakening touch

This massage will help you to spread the sexual energy in the body and it gives a good stretch to pelvis and ties.


This beautiful exercise creates safe space for the couple to dive deeper into the shadow side of feelings and desires. It helps partners to open up and express freely what is bothering them. PRACTICE Greet your partner with a namaste. Then take her hand and start massaging her fingers. Hold her wrist and start making […]

Blind walk

Take your partner for a walk with her eyes blindfolded. You will have to take full control of this journey. Make sure your partner is safe. You can describe what’s surrounds you or ask your partner, what does he or she senses. Enjoy!

Kitchen chair Romance

Change your kitchen into romantic meeting place using this cosy and intimate practice on a kitchen chair.

Lap Dance

Lap Dance is a beautiful exercise to get into the flow with your partner while creating playful and safe environment for both you. PRACTICE Ask your partner to sit in crossed leg position. Place your knees on your partners thighs and your arms on her shoulders. Find the right pressure and ask for feedback. Start […]

Foot Massage

We are sharing this fun exercise with you so that you can have fun while sitting together on a couch. You can try this exercise after workout or a long day on your feet. PRACTICE Sit next to each other so that you left knee is leaning against your partners thigh. Connect your right foot […]

Body Restart

This is an intensive full body massage, that allows your partner to deeply relax the lower body, shoulders and legs. PRACTICE Ask your partner to lay down on her back with her knees bent. Sit in front of her feet and take her left foot and place the leg on top of the other knee […]