Very often I notice the pattern where lovers start to cheat on each other after spending some time together. What happens with men when they start looking for someone else to connect with?
Why don’t we stick with one partner? According to my observations and personal experiences, men get bored with the same partner. They don’t get enough satisfaction and this pushes them to explore further.

Most women that I’ve met and dated, didn’t know how to satisfy a man. They think that if a man came then he must be satisfied. But this is not the real satisfaction. It doesn’t fulfill a man. On the contrary, it creates an urge to ejaculate even more.

Same roses
Same kisses
Same poses,
But something
Is missing…

The problem is for both sides. Neither men nor women get satisfied in ordinary lovemaking. There are some key elements that are missing in ordinary intercourse. These elements are:

Conscious Breathing
Conscious touch

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